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Knowing Who the Audience are for Your Press Release

It used to be so easy. You wrote press releases for the press, and a very small number at that. It may have been the case before emails and web access that you sent out press releases to a whole list of potentially interested journalists, but you were more likely to just send them to […]

Business Card Marketing Tips for Illustrators and Artists

Marketing your illustration and art services comes easy with reliable and effective promotional materials like business cards. Producing these promotional tools can be done even on a budget with low-cost online printing services. The affordability makes business card marketing an ideal strategy for illustrators and artists. Here are a few tips to help you gain […]

Nation’s Largest Book Promoter Reveals Why Radio is the Most Cost-effective Way to Promote a Book

Nation’s Largest Book Promoter Reveals Why Radio       Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Promote A Book Planned Television Arts (PTA), the nation’s largest and most prolific book promotions firm, is celebrating the 20th year since it trademarked its Morning Drive Radio Tour. Publishers and authors have promoted thousands of books with the tour, […]

Profitable Press Release Writing

The creation and distribution of a press release is done to communicate with media representative about all the worthy events taking place around the globe. Its target is to catch media attention. A press release not only helps the event to be attended by these media personnel’s but also encourages them to write an assess […]

Desert Hot Springs Business Lawyer’s Top Ten Sarah Palin Worst Excuses for Failing in Your Business

Here is Desert Hot Springs Business Lawyer Sebastian Gibson’s Top Ten: 1. Fox News won’t give you as much free publicity anymore.   2. No elections for at least two years.   3. No one cares anymore what happens in Alaska.   4. Plans to open a water park in the cold of Alaska never seemed […]

Ancient Jewellery – Thor’s Hammer and Borro-style Ancient Jewellery Articles

Many people love to wear antique style jewellery articles with unique and amazing designs. Authentic ancient jewellery articles are quite expensive and one can locate them in museums and antique jewellery shops. Nowadays you can also find all kinds of jewellery articles, modern as well as traditional, on the internet. There are hundreds of websites […]

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  • It used to be said that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. Add that picture your friend took of you last week and posted it on MySpace! It’ll be there forever. –Laura Betterly

  • There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary. Brendan Behan

  • Publicity is the life of this culture – in so far as without publicity capitalism could not survive – and at the same time publicity is its dream. John Berger

  • Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest Americans. It’s the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them. Lily Tomlin

  • Without publicity there can be no public support, and without public support every nation must decay. Benjamin Disraeli

  • Of course I’m a publicity hound. Aren’t all crusaders? How can you accomplish anything unless people know what you are trying to do? Vivien Kellems