Ancient Jewellery – Thor’s Hammer and Borro-style Ancient Jewellery Articles

By admin1 • June 1st, 2011

Many people love to wear antique style jewellery articles with unique and amazing designs. Authentic ancient jewellery articles are quite expensive and one can locate them in museums and antique jewellery shops. Nowadays you can also find all kinds of jewellery articles, modern as well as traditional, on the internet. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to providing old jewellery in many categories including Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Samaritan, and Icelandic jewellery. Thor’s hammer and magic rune pendants of the borro style are found in the category of Icelandic or Viking jewellery. These are quite beautiful articles and are often worn as lucky or religious jewellery in many cultures across the globe.

Thor’s hammers are miniature hammers made of silver which are often worn as amulets in chains and necklaces. The hammer is shaped like a cross, known as the Romanesque cross, with a dragon head on the vertical bar. This lovely cross pendant is highly cherished by religious people as it is unique and meaningful. Different Thor’s hammer pendants related to various Viking eras are found in a number of sizes. Knot work is often used to decorate these pendants which make them even more attractive. Large and chunky pendants with interlaced designs can also be found in this category.

Other names for this type of ancient jewellery include Icelandic hammer and Kai hammer. One can also find matching rings with the pendants to complete the set. The rings are available in materials such as copper, bronze, iron and silver. These are heavy jewellery articles and can also be worn as fashion accessories. You can also check out the amazing Viking rings for both men and women. Replicas of the original articles are available widely. Gothic design rings for men and 12th century women’s ring with embossed gold designs are quite popular.

Borro-style and Viking-style ancient jewellery articles are composed of lucky pendants and magic rune necklaces. Ancient rune letters are used to create these pendants which carry special meanings. These are also known as bind runes and not much is known about this mysterious sign language. Magic runes such as Signpost, Chess Symbol, Helm of Awe, Danobus, Special Cross and Dream Symbol are very popular. It was believed in ancient times that if you wear the Signpost you will not be lost. Similarly, if you wear the Chess Symbol pendant you will win your chess game. Other runes also have meanings attached to them.

Ancient jewellery from the Viking era is quite stunning and beautiful. One can find lovely rings along with lucky and religious pendants in this category which can also be given as memorable gifts. Authentic pure silver and gold jewellery is sturdy and long lasting. You can also find lovely brooches and lava rock necklaces among Viking and Icelandic jewellery articles. Check out the amazing collection of medieval era crucifixes and cross pendants. Original 11th and 12th century jewellery articles can be found at many online stores. Similarly, archeologists have discovered astonishing ancient masks and brooches from many locations.

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