Article Marketing – Earn a Passive Income From Your Articles

By admin1 • June 5th, 2010

Article marketing means that your write articles and put it on article sharing sites. Article marketing is not just writing articles and putting them on content sharing sites. You need to understand how to systemize the whole article marketing process.

The most important thing to remember is that article marketing won’t make you a successful entrepreneur overnight. The common misunderstanding is that it can be used to bring in large amount of traffic to the website. Article marketing is more about branding your name or your business rather than generating traffic directly. It can initiate a word of mouth and people will effectively search for you and land on your site. Article marketing can also help in search engine rankings since search engines love free content and their spiders would crawl a site day in day out to index the pages. So the most important thing is to brand your name and your business – business being the most important one.

There are many successful article marketers online. Most of them have submitted hundreds if not thousands of articles on various article sharing sites. They understand the importance of branding. That’s why article marketing is such a successful marketing tactic for branding your business.

Article marketers share a common set of principals that ultimately inform people about their business, products and services.

Always solve a problem – Write articles that solve a problem that people face and give a solution that you are offering. For example, if you are selling dog training videos, you need to write a series of articles on why it is so difficult to train a dog. People like to read articles when they have a question in their mind. They need solution and your product should be a solution to their problems

Never sell your product directly in an article – That’s true. People hate others selling stuff to them. They simply loathe it. Article marketing is not about product. It is about branding. So you need to tell people that your products or for more details visit to your services can solve their problem in a more creative style. People will also remember you if you have solved their problem in an article. Whenever they face a specific problem they will always hunt for your articles, and if they don’t find it in articles, they will buy your product.

There are other ways to earn from your articles – Many article sharing sites allow you to use Google AdSense to earn a passive income from your articles. So if you want to kill two birds with one stone, for more details visit to you can put your Google AdSense code in your articles and you will earn passive income while branding your business and your name. All of them offer a revenue sharing model. With the revenue sharing model you can earn from Google AdSense. Imagine having 100 articles on each of these sites. What will it do? It will allow you have 100 streams of potential income through Google AdSense and the rigorous branding through your articles.



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