How Internet Articles Can Earn You Money

By admin1 • August 23rd, 2011

In recent years, Web 2.0 turned from a source of entertainment to a money-making opportunity. Consider online writing portals such as Associated Content or Helium where you actually receive payment for every Internet article you write. In fact, many of these sites are so lucrative there are actually people making a full-time income from them.

So, how does the pay work among these networks? It depends on which one you join. Associated Content pays for your Internet articles on two levels. First, there’s the upfront payment, if they think your Internet articles are likely to drive traffic. Second, there’s the page view payment, where you earn money based on how much traffic your articles bring.

Then there are sites like Helium or Ehow where your articles earn money from ad revenue. These sites tend to be more difficult to work with, because your articles must receive a lot of traffic before you see any money. However, on the same token, many of these sites have high Google rankings, so if you keep working with them it’s possible you could actually earn more than what you would with Associated Content.

A third type of network works through Adsense revenue-sharing. HubPages is a prominent example. Basically, all of your Internet articles contain your Adsense code. This means that if someone clicks on one of the ads, your articles will earn a percentage of that site’s Adsense revenue. HubPages offers one of the most generous percentages, as they will pay you 60% of their traffic. This is not bad considering their high pr can get your articles indexed in a matter of minutes.

Finally, there are sites such as Daily Article or Constant Content where you can actually sell your Internet articles as private label content. And, unlike all of the other sites mentioned in this article, with these networks, you earn an upfront payment for your work. You can also charge whatever you want. This could range from a few cents to over $100… or even more. Just be aware that the more you charge, the less attractive your article will be for Internet marketers. Remember, their goal is to get Internet articles for as cheap as possible. And considering that they themselves are taking a gamble with affiliate marketing, it’s understandable why they may have trouble paying $200 for a 500-word article.

In conclusion, thanks to the innovations of Web 2.0, virtually anyone can benefit from Internet articles. Whether you are a housewife needing extra money to watch the kids, a student who needs to pay their way through school or even a professional writer interested in making easy money in between gigs, online writing portals are the perfect solution for meeting your needs. All you have to do is create keyword-optimized Internet articles that have decent information. They don’t have to be award-winning essays, but they should make readers feel as if they have learned something new. If you are unsure how to write these types of Internet articles, look at what’s already popular.

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How to earn money by writing articles for internet?Kindly let me know about the possibilities for earning money by wriiting articles etc for internet. I have heard from my teacher that they ask for some articles from the writers which the wrtier sends online with requiered photographs etc and is paid for that. I want guidance abotu this, please.

You may have trouble doing that if you don’t even know how to use a search engine. LoL :

My advice would be always proof read if your going to write words like "about " need to be spelled correctly . I’m sorry I couldn’t resist … one place you might check for selling stories also would be and they should have a bureau in your home town. Now they send stories all around the world …

Good luck and happy writingReferences : Photographer/Stringer for TV news

Basics tips for Earn Money on Internet :

There are many websites that will help you get started. I really love Xomba, you can write about anything you want. :

The best way is to write your articles and compile them into a website and thereby earn from the traffic of your website.References :


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