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By admin1 • July 7th, 2011

One of most effective ways of getting traffic website and building your very own opt-in list is through article marketing. As you may already know, having your own website is no guarantee that your online business will succeed. If no one realizes that your business exist, how will you succeed? For more detail go to you must get traffic to your website. It’s just that simple. That’s the key to any successful internet marketing business.

Another well known fact by most experts in the internet marketing arena is that having a highly targeted opt-in list is their most effective and powerful tool. Its been said many times before, and is worth saying again, the money really is in the list. Many internet marketers would rather give up there right arm than give up their opt-in list.

Why is that, you ask? Though an opt-in list is nothing more than a list of email addresses of customers who consent to receive information from you, It allows you to keep your readers on the hook by providing them with loads of information, promotions, and other campaigns that entice them to buy from you over and over again.

It is essential that you present any promotional items you intend on using in a manner that will catch the interest and the eye of your subscribers. Article Writing can help tremendously with this. Articles are probably the best way to provide information in a fun and entertaining way.

When you have well written articles that are full of content and useful information, people will be encouraged to join your list. When they read examples of your content, they may desire to see what you will have to say. By subscribing to your newsletter they will be able to get a glimpse of all you have to offer them in the form of your expertise as well as any products and services you may want to market to them.

Your articles must contain good content in them, even if it means allocating some of your marketing budget for an experienced professional writer to write them for you or purchasing private label articles you can re-write and add to as your own. Whatever your article writing solution is, your articles should always be able to build trust between you and your customers. You should be able to establish your credibility by what is written in your articles. The articles you write must be informative yet not stuffy. Don’t get bogged down with “professional jargon.” Just talk to your readers in a language they will be able to plainly understand. Go to if you make your articles persuasive and entertaining, your readers will desire more from your. Your articles can be a strong enticement to join your opt-in list.

Submit your articles to the various article directories and web magazines. By doing this, you provide your information to a much wider audience. There may be some who enjoy your work so much they will desire to contact you. So, don’t forget to leave your email address and the location of your web page where they can opt-in to your list.

Let me say this one thing one more time. Make sure your articles always leads to a place that will give your reader an opportunity to join your list. When they join you list, it will give you many more opportunities to market to that reader.

Sewakk Ram


By Amendoa Mendonca on July 7th, 2011 at 4:35 pm

email marketing, list building – HELP?I been doing affialite marketing using article marketing solely
(building a landingpage with a hoplink to the merchant account).

now I want to move to email marketing and list building.
however I am a bit consufed and was hopping if you guys could help me here.

I was thinking this business plan and need your advice :)

sqeeze page with some bullet points and a free ebook giveaway.
when the user submist his/her name and email gets an double optin email and receives a free ebook over his/her email.

and it also redirects to the merchant main page.

after that the user receives 5 emails

the thank you with the ebook (instant)
did you received the ebook? how did you find was it usefull? (3 days after)
here are few more things you should know ( 3 days later)
here are some frequent question and people ask me ( 3 days later)
this is the answer for all your problems (main product launch) (3 days later)

Am I on the right track?

also, how do I track if the user purchased the product or not?? cause I then want to sort the list from those of are buyers and from those who are still not buyers, so I can send them more insentives.

thanks in advance :)

By Patricia on July 7th, 2011 at 4:37 pm

It is obvious that English is not your native language. You have many spelling and grammar errors here. If you write like this on your website or in emails you will eliminate a large number of potential clients. I highly recommend you hire someone to edit the copy you write before it is published anywhere.
If your ebook is like this, you will be doing more harm than good to your company and those you represent.References :

By Multichannel Marketer on July 7th, 2011 at 4:39 pm

you can work on your article marketing, however for um to build a contact list for your email marketing you need to add forms to your website our your social media presence and then work on viral marketing based on recommendation. Tke a look at this ESP. it has interesting articles about the subject :

By Rick Salas on July 7th, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Hi Amendoa, You can have messages that build more of a relationship by offering a free consultation on your services, especially if it is an affiliate that builds a downline. But you should concentrate on getting on the phone with them and remember most sales are converted until the 8th email.

You should build creditability and trust in your emails. Long term business means refocusing your attention back on your customers. Your follow ups should never end. Building repeat customers and referrals beats a one time sale hands down.

If you need higher lead conversions and better customer retention on your products with repeat business just let me know. There’s far too much attention on the lead and not enough on the sale. Hope this helps.References :

Yes, you are on the right track for wanting to build an email list and generate sales to your readers! Using a free giveaway such as a relevant ebook or email mini-course is a great way to capture leads.
It is important that the information you giveaway entices the subscriber for more information. Keep in mind that if your free giveaway is too good, then the subscriber has no reason to buy a similar product.

I think that your 5 email technique may not be aggressive enough. Using a combination of soft and hard sells throughout all of your email correspondences will likely create better results. You are right to want to build a trusting relationship with your readers, but you can also do that by giving them useful information along the way, so they look to you as an expert in your field.

I recently discovered through a study that readers who do not purchase a product after the first sales attempt, will commonly need 7 – 10 additional correspondences to make a purchase. So, if your readers do not buy your product within the first 5 emails you described, then do not give up. Keep increasing the number of emails you send, use interesting information and a clear ‘call to action’ until you achieve the results you desire.

Recently I began implementing the same system that you are describing through Adam Short’s ‘Niche Profit Classroom’. ( ) In the course we learned how to pick a profitable market with little competition, find highly searched low competition keywords, build an effective squeeze page, generate free traffic streams through search engines and social media, and how to effectively write sales letters and emails using Aweber.

The most relevant part of his course in relation to your question is his email mini-course technique. For many of his niche websites, he uses a squeeze page and free email mini-course as an incentive to capture leads. Throughout the email correspondences, he offers resourceful information about the topic, (ex. betta fish care), while promoting a product using tested soft and hard sales techniques.

As for tracking sales, if you decide to promote products through a site such as clickbank, you can create tracking links that will allow you to monitor when sales are made, and what site they were generated from.

I hope this helps, and I would highly recommend checking out Adam’s system . The course is very detail oriented and will extensively cover the questions you are asking, better than I can answer them. Good Luck with your sites!

-DavidReferences :


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