The Best Way to Market Your Articles is a Wide Distribution Network

By admin1 • February 1st, 2012

Ready, set, go! You write articles, submit them to directories and forget them. The rest is history, right? Maybe. Some marketers get lucky and can create a host of back links and a surge in sales with very little effort. For the rest of us, however, even article marketing takes a little work.

It’s not effective to write drab articles because you’re only submitting your articles to free directory sites. On the contrary, these are the most important articles you write. These articles can be picked up from a wide variety of publishers. There is a huge potential to advertise your business or services and increase your revenue by participating in article marketing strategies. Just remember to give it your full effort and offer customers information they can use.

Getting your SEO articles in front of a carefully targeted audience is the main reason for submitting articles. The bigger goal behind article marketing, however, is to achieve wide distribution of the articles you submit to directories.

The Real Magic of Articles

Article distribution sites are great tools for article marketers. Not only do article distribution sites allow you to submit articles and showcase your expertise, but they also give their permission for publishers to read and snag your articles. A publisher can then use your SEO articles on their own websites, which in turn promotes you and your website.

The magic of article marketing doesn’t take place when you write an article, submit an article or have an article published on a distribution site. These steps are all important parts of the process, but the real magic of articles is when they generate interest from a variety of different publishers. Good things happen once the owners of e-zines, newsletters and blogs take notice of your article submissions. Wide distribution of your informative and highly focused SEO articles creates many back links to your website.

How to Ensure Wide Distribution of Your Article Submissions

One way to make sure that you’re article is widely published for maximum exposure is to closely follow publisher’s guidelines. Even if the rules you are asked to follow don’t make sense to you and they don’t seem to follow any logical pattern. There is a reason why publishers set forth guidelines and it is in your best interest as a writer to follow them. A good article directory site will allow you the maximum amount of creative freedom, while providing clear-cut rules on what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to submitting an article. Common rules that publishers ask you to follow include: a specific word count, no links embedded in the body of the article, tightly focused keywords for your articles and informative articles versus sales pitches.

Promoting SEO Articles for Wide Distribution

The beauty behind Internet marketing is that after you write an article, ensure it contains the proper keywords to attract attention and submit it to an article distribution site, you’re ready to go. That is article marketing in a nutshell. You write articles, submit them to directories and watch as your articles are published across the Internet and in various other forms of media. This wide distribution of the articles you submitted is only as good as your articles and about the author boxes themselves, however. Just because article marketing seems easy, doesn’t mean that you get to slack off. Your article needs to be in prime condition when you submit it to a distribution site. It needs to be error free, carefully written, focused around specific keywords for SEO and your about the author box needs to be well-written and include the right links to draw people back to you.

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