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Why Press Releases are Crucial to the Success of Your Home Business

Although there are many ways that you can promote your home business, publishing a press release is still a very effective way to make your business news known. This tried and proven method will still effectively bring your business promotion to the attention of the media – and bring the results you want – customers. […]

Why Online Entrepreneurs Should Do Press Releases

Are you interested in capitalizing on press releases for your online business? Press releases are valuable tools that can be used to help your business with many areas. There are quite a few potential benefits from press releases that you can take advantage of including: increased brand awareness, search engine optimization (SEO), creating buzz for […]

Cash Gifting Marketing – Successfully Market Cash Gifting With Press Releases!

What are press releases and why are they the very first step in your cash gifting marketing plan? A press release, in a traditional sense, is an announcement to the press about a certain event or product, written by a company rep or an individual. This is a typical example of a press release title: […]

Are Online Press Releases Underused In Traffic Building

Publicity will bring a targeted web site traffic or even more, a personal traffic if you have written your online press releases by yourself. So it is not only targeted, it is personal. Nobody can copy your own writing style. It is a part of your brand, a unique touch. Online press releases have been […]

Press Release Marketing 101 -getting The Most Out Of Your Press Releases

Using press releases for marketing purposes for promoting anything from new web sites to new product announcements have become increasingly popular lately as business owners learn the powerful benefits of using press releases. Press releases have been used over the past few years by quite a few smart business owners and marketers that have seen […]

Get Free Traffic From Press Releases

By : Vick – Get Free Traffic From Press Releases Press Releases have continued to be an important tool for businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and social activist groups across the web. Few pre-internet communication forms have translated so easily to web publications. It is easy to add a press release to your web […]

Submitting Press Releases to Sell Affiliate Products

Many assume that press releases are only a method used by business owners to bring media attention to their products or companies. This is quite true, however, press releases can also be a great way to sell affiliate products or a product that you own.  Press releases tend to do very well in the search […]

Good Press Releases = Excellent Website Promotion For Free

Promotion of a website is vital to its success. But not all promotional methods are created equally. According to many online authorities, and successful Internet entrepreneurs, the best way to promote your website, and get highly targeted traffic is by using the media to get your message across. When you read the newspaper, you take […]

Advocate Auto Claims Announces Expansion of Diminished Value Business Operations

In response to consumer demand, on June 2, 2008, Advocate Auto Claims ramped up personnel and expanded its daily hours of operation. The company, which opened its doors to the public in April 2008, can now be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT, and around the clock at “Through […]

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