The Business of Web Hosting

By admin1 • December 28th, 2011

With a widespread emergence of web hosting company, it can be said that in today’s market, the emergence of web hosting companies is directly proportional to the expansion of the Internet. In fact, the market today is quite conducive to the fresh emergence of web hosts since there is an ever-growing Internet awareness and subsequent emergence of websites. This makes the web hosting services indispensable to the Webmaster. That said, web hosting has proven to be quite lucrative and if implemented wisely, can generate supreme source of monthly or annual revenue.

Many biggies in the industry have joined the hosting race including Yahoo!, BigDaddy and other big corporations.

By keeping in mind and adopting some time-tested and proven strategies, a web hosting company can reign supreme in this fiercely competitive industry.

Superior Services:

A web hosting company should be able to offer all the advanced features, tools and functions that are required for hosting even the most complex websites. The customer should preferably be given affordable pricing structures to choose from in a two-tiered pricing schedule. The automation facility not only facilitates ease of use, control and monitoring, enhance the client’s self-sufficiency, but can also minimize expenses and time consumption for both the user and company. High quality services and features offered by a superior web hosting company should be able to automate the following processes:

Order Forms

An order form should be able to fulfill 4 key essential aspects including legalization of the data entered, facilitate credit card processing, create an invoice and the successful registration of customer’s information into the billing database for future use.

Administration System

The administration system forms an important component for the successful management of ordered accounts. The user might require manually adding or eliminating several new domains, change passwords, etc.

End-User Control Panel:

A control panel is indispensable to control and manage various aspects of a web hosting account. With a control panel, the end-user is able to view Website statistics and can manage files and control and access various other account features.
Billing System
An integrated automated billing system is essential in order to perform various functions including creation of e-mail invoices, charging credit cards, suspend overdue accounts etc. The billing system should also be able to issue credits or discounts as per the settings and requirements.

Support and Technical Interface

An effective and user-friendly tech-support interface should be able to generate an all-inclusive FAQ interface before the user is able to submit trouble tickets. These interfaces can minimize technical support requests by a factor of 10.

Retain and enhance customer base

A web hosting company should be able to offer services and features that are far superior. A company that values and respects its association with its customers will be able to enhance their credibility quotient in this competitive market. By retaining its customer base will result in mouth-to-mouth publicity and this in turn will generate additional monthly revenue. Remember, quality cannot be compromised upon in order to succeed in the web hosting industry.

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How do you password protect a directory with yahoo small business hosting?How do you password protect a directory with yahoo small business hosting as it doesn’t support .htdocs or .htaccess or .htpasswd

By YSmallBizCare on December 28th, 2011 at 1:31 am

We have instructions for setting up password protected directories in your web hosting at

If you still need help, you can contact us anytime by visiting :


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