How to Make Profit With Press Releases

By admin1 • April 24th, 2011

Millions of people log on to internet daily, and internet, today has become a big market for your products or services. In addition, as you know, marketing your product or service anywhere needs promotion because you need to make your presence felt to the consumers.
Writing press releases is one of the most important ways to promote your website over internet. Writing press releases frequently will help your website be noticed by the web traffic.

How to generate profit with press release writing:

Press releases are an essential part of your advertising and promotional campaign online, and hence writing an effective press release, which is newsworthy, and attention grabbing is the most important. Only writing the PR does not help your purpose. It needs to be well complemented with proper use, to get the most effective result.

• Remember that the usual audience of your press release are the reporters and the writers and the reporters and writers gazing for something fresh to write about, get about ten to fifty press releases daily. Hence, your PR need to stand out among the rest fifty and make the reporter or writer read the whole idea and make them think that it was newsworthy and it is something they want to write.
• The more writers contact you about your PR, more and more advertising you will be getting online. Hence, the body of the PR should be factual and informative giving the readers, the writers and reporters a reason to read your press release.
• The only thing that makes your press release disappear is the delete button and hence your press release should be written in such a way that it is irresistible and entices the reporters and the readers to read it and write about it and not pressing the delete button to remove it from their list.
• After identification of your target market, you should write your PR keeping in mind the maturity level and the attitude of the target market. Write more versions of the same press release to cater to the different fragments of your objective market.
• Before writing It settle on Its content so that it is efficient in all ways. Remember only an effectual press release is capable of getting you business.
• It should be news leaning rather than just another promotion tool of your company, as this will develop faith of your reader in you. At the same time, use day-to-day life examples and quotes to make it interesting as this will help in leaving a long lasting impression on the reader.
• The titles of the press release are as important as its content and hence make your title attractive that is able to compel the reader to read your PR.

Many a times, companies hire press release writers who are convincing enough as PR forms one of the most important tools of advertising over internet. However, if the above tips and tricks are kept in mind while writing it, you can write an effective and newsworthy PR, which in turn will help you make profit.

Aakash Shah


Am I jealous of my boyfriend?Looking for honest opinions.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. About 3 months ago, he came up with this idea about building a website catering to the vampire craze of twilight, true blood, and vampire diaries. For those of you not familiar with all this vampire stuff- basically this "vampire craze" is very popular among teenage girls and even adults. People are obsessed with Robert Pattinson, etc. HUGE FAN BASE

So he started a fan page on facebook to build momentum for his website, so when the site actually launches, he will have a fan page on facebook to let the people know what is going on with the site. He spends a lot of his time building up the fan page and inter-acting with the fans.
His website will be all about vampire news, such as press releases on twilight, hollywood gossip on Robert Pattinson, updates on True Blood, etc.
On his web page he will be seeling things to make a profit, such as wrist bands, t-shirts, some jewelry, etc On is facebook fanpage he will post updates about this celebrity or this twilight event and naturally people will comment and "like" the post.
I feel as though he cares more about a facebook comment and collecting fans to his fan page more than anything else.
Am I jealous of all the attention is paying to these starngers online? I mean if he’s not on the laptop, then he’s on his phone counting the number of fans he has.
We’ve talked about it before and I’ve expressed my concern for the amount of time he spends on the computer, so he cut that out by about 50% but now he’s on his phone looking at it more

I understand he wants his website to be successful and he wants to market it as much as possible, but I feel so jealous sometimes because these random starngers that post a comment or like a status get all of his attention.
I hate feeling that way and I feel as if I’m being silly because I should not be getting jealous of people commenting on his post. Recently, thats all he talks about. The success of his website and how much money he will be making and this and that.

I’m jealous of how much he talks about money and the website, and everything else. Am I wrong?

By jramy.kiki on April 24th, 2011 at 3:41 am

yea you are definitely jealousReferences :

I dont know if you are "wrong" or not, especially since right and wrong are often subjective. but I can certainly sympathize with you. I would not like it one bit! first of all, he sounds obsessed. that would be really annoying. he needs to have more of a balance. a line between work and play. even if it isnt technically a "job", it still falls into the lines of one, and when he is spending time with you he should not bring his work into his personal time. like he needs to stay off the phone when he’s on a date with you. etc.
secondly, the target audience. all young females! which he apparently talks to all day and aims to please as much as he can. I dont really think that is appropriate for a guy in a serious relationship. I would be jealous too. either a woman should be running it, a single man, or he should find something else to make a site about. seriously, he didnt have to pick twilight. let someone else capitalize on the vampire fad. its already being beaten to death anyway, it will die soon.References :


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