How to Write a Press Release in a Few Simple Steps

By admin1 • December 25th, 2010

It is tough to get your press release published. With loads of competitions out there you need to have an edge in order for you to get noticed. And being able to pass the ruthless journalist’s judgment is another problem you need to solve in order to get your press release reach the public. A press release can be of big help to get attention and to make a success out of your events. If only you get your press release published, that is. The question to ask is “How to write a press release that gets published?” This is the question that I am about to unleash and provide answers for.

This article will provide you steps on how to write a press release that gets published. These simple steps on how to write a press release that gets published are one hundred percent assured to give you effective and favorable results. Just read through and learn how to write a press release that gets published.

Step #1: Make it brief, catchy yet concise. You have to keep in mind that the key for your press release to be published is an approval from the journalist which means that your press release is newsworthy enough to be read by the public. And these people happen to be, most of the times, busy, agitated and ruthless. A brief, catchy yet concise press release will surely get the attention and precious yes of the ruthless journalist scanning loads of press releases each day.

Step#2: Provide a juicy headline. Your headline is the first thing that the ruthless journalist will read. That alone should be able catch his attention. It must still follow step 1 and be able to answer at least two or three of any of the WH questions.

Step#3: Use Active Voice. Remember that it is the ruthless journalist who’s reading your press release first. With this premise at hand, you need to write like one. And active voice is something that a ruthless journalist uses in making his own articles.

Step #4: Be grammatically correct. Poor grammar will disappoint and annoy the ruthless journalist. And if you got him pissed you won’t see your press release on papers that is. We don’t want this to happen so it is better to make sure that you have proofread your press release a gazillion times before sending it over the battle field. One of the things you can do to win over the ruthless journalist is to edit ruthlessly.

Step #5: Provide your contact details. Doing the first four steps will surely impress the ruthless journalist. And being able to win your battle on getting your press release published, he will surely get back to you for confirmation. We don’t want him to guess to whom he should concede. A ruthless journalist doesn’t have time to guess about things like negligence anyway.

Now that you have these easy steps on how to write a press release that gets published, better start working on one.

Paul Hartunian


What do you think of this story? (Not for kids!)?Okay, well I wrote this a little while ago, just for fun (and I realize now that a lot of it sounds bad compared to what I can write today), but I wanted to see what people thought of it. It’s based off of the game franchise, Half-Life. Sorry if it’s a bit long!


The man with the glasses aimed his 9mm pistol mercilessly at the soldier before him. With a simple flexing of the index finger, a single bullet launched from the chamber and into the soldier’s forearm. A second flex saw to it that he finished the job.

One, Two, the man with the glasses thought, the most miniscule effort can bring about the most devastating results.

As the soldier collapsed to the ground, the man suddenly noticed the surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins. His muscles tightened to ensure his speed, his pupils realigned to ensure his vision, his brain filled with blood to ensure concentration. In essence, adrenaline was simply that: an insurance policy for one’s life.

Silently, the man cursed his bad luck. “I’m just a physicist dammit, how the hell did I get into this mess?” He knew the answer to his rhetoric could be found somewhere in the back of his mind, but there were more pressing matters to attend to.

As he cautiously stepped over the bloodied soldier and around the next corridor, he kept two subconscious thoughts running continuously in the back of his mind. One came from the heart: I have to find Alyx. The other, his instinct: I have to get the hell out of here.

The man with the glasses reached a second fork in the traverse and his deep green eyes glanced stealthily around the corner, catching sight of a second patrol. In the man’s eyes, one could see the struggles that the man had suffered through, which contradicted the genuine sincerity of the man’s heart. He had been through thick and thin with countless numbers at his side, in person and in spirit, and he had changed the course of history in merely a few days. His irises emanated with this feeling. It is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul; the man with the glasses no doubt proved the claim.

One is quickly put off; however, when their eyes fix upon the 9mm handgun clasped in his hands. As had been the case with the man’s previous kill, many soldiers’ last visions of life were of a scientist threatening them with a gun, and a flash of light emitting from the barrel, but nothing more. A second soldier was about to meet that same fate.

The man shifted positions to ease the discomfort swelling in his joints. As he did so, his glasses caught a glimpse of the overhead lighting for a brief moment. The soldier across the hall caught attention of the green-eyed man’s frightened gaze and broke into a jog with his sidearm still holstered, unafraid of the surprise intruder.

Finally some action, the soldier thought excitedly, he looks like a Civ… but he’s not wearing issued clothing.

At only four yards away, the soldier caught a glimpse of a metallic object protruding from around the corner.

A pipe? What a rookie; I’m gonna have some fun with this one.

It was at only two yards away that the soldier realized his mistake: the object wasn’t a pipe, but a gun! The Civ’s innocent, frightened gaze had caught him off guard, and yet, in the soldier’s last few moments of life, he did not think of his mistake. His final thought was simple; a one-syllable word: Shit.

As the man with the glasses spun around the corner and lodged the gun just underneath the soldier’s ribs, he whispered three words: “Burn in hell”.

The 9mm pistol erupted an echoing shot as blots of crimson splashed into the hall. The man released the soldier and ran on through the endless labyrinth of black metal. He rounded the corner just before the soldier’s intercom issued a flat-line warning sound, followed by a woman’s eerie, robotic voice: A second deceased soldier on level 163. Reinforcements are necessary for detainment of the intruder.

The man descended a short, five-step stairway to the landing below; the tinny metal beneath his boots resonated with a clang through each step he took. Two armed soldiers spun on their heels at the sound, drawing their guns.

Too slow.

Freeman discharged two bullets, one for each of them, and the soldiers collapsed as the weight of death crept in upon them.

Dr. Breen’s words echoed to him somewhere from the back of his mind: “Tell me, Dr. Freeman, if you can. You have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created? Can you name even one thing? I thought not.”

I’ve written a lot more (37 word-processed pages, to be exact), but I recently dug this up upon remembering it, and wanted to get some public opinion. Again, sorry if it’s a bit long.

Some of the text is actually the characters’ thoughts, but the italics didn’t transfer over. Sorry about that!

It is a lot better then most of the stuff on here. I think you should turn it into something (37 pages won’t do.) I’m currently writing a novel and I’ve only got 122. It’s not near finished. Really, though, it’s pretty good.References : Writer/Author


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