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By admin1 • February 1st, 2012

The science of Search engine optimization revolves around keywords and keyword density. Efficient search engine-friendly content attains a strategic balance between, length of the copy, relevant, original text and keyword density and positioning. Press release content that gets high rankings for one search term may not have the same results for another. To make sure your optimized press release is successful for your search optimization marketing, SEO Inc.’s professional SEO copywriters have vast experience writing for the search engines.

A well-written optimized press release will achieve more exposure and boost the visibility of your brand and company web site. Besides reaching prospective clients, optimization will place your press release in front of the 98% of journalists that go online daily. The vast majority of journalists use news search engines to spot new stories and companies to cover. By optimizing your press release for your search engine optimization strategy, you enhance the probability of the press finding your release. On a daily basis the press and potential customers tap into online outlets like Google News, Yahoo! News, and MSN News to read the news. To retain a strong presence in all the avenues your prospective customers may be frequenting, you need to be visible in these news search engines. With an increasing number of companies distributing their press releases online, it’s critical that your press releases are optimized for these news search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Inc., a foremost search engine marketing firm, declares the addition of Optimized Press Release services to its complete schedule of highly effective search engine optimization services. SEO Inc. clients will now be able to gain from professionally optimized content that not only achieves high rankings in news search engines but also improves online visibility.

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