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By admin1 • June 1st, 2011

The creation and distribution of a press release is done to communicate with media representative about all the worthy events taking place around the globe. Its target is to catch media attention. A press release not only helps the event to be attended by these media personnel’s but also encourages them to write an assess on the same. The presentation behind such writings is very much essential.

In today’s world, press release writing has turned into a major source of profitability. It helps in publicizing the product for which it is written. These releases eventually help the business to grow and earn handsomely at the same time. These press releases are a form of marketing which helps in bringing out unbiased views from across the globe. People are persuaded by such opinions towards these products. They hardly consider other surveys conducted by the company that give a feedback positive in nature believing them to be tricks and trades of the business owners adapted to popularize their product.

We should always follow certain code of conducts for realizing maximum Profitability from press release writing.

Think like a reader

It is a good practice to have a mind of a reader while writing such press releases. It helps us to gain the point of views and requirements of the readers from the product concerned. We should assure that all the queries, possibly hovering in the mind of the readers should be cleared with proper details. Sketching the content is a very important aspect of the press release.

Proper way of presentation

The presentation is a very important aspect of a news release. The notion delivered by such writing should not be that of an advertisement. It should rather have an essence that is generally related to breaking news that pulls the attention of the readers towards it. Presentation is vastly helped by inserting images related to the topic as it adds beauty to the release and buys the attention of the reader.

Support with examples

A press release can completely absorb the attention of its readers only when the writing is provided with examples. It helps the reader to relate the product to the example and extract a comprehensive decision relating to the product.

Writing for the mass

While writing a press release with profitability in mind, we should not consider a group of reader as our subject. The whole mass should be taken into consideration. To benefit the mass, simple but impressive words should be used throughout the release. It draws attention of more readers as they prefer uncomplicated reviews to complex releases. The grammar used should be profound.

Choosing an apt title

The basic thing that we should never forget while writing a press release is formulating a catchy title. This is important, as it is the first thing in the release that is noticed by the reader. A catchy title can draw attention of the reader. The title gives its reader the reason to continue. At the same time, a scrappy title can deliver the wrong theme and might result in receiving a negative feedback from them.

Adding the Contact details

The press release should contain all the information that is required in relation to the article with proper research on the same. It should also contain information regarding the contact person, telephone no.s, email ids and web sites for clearing further doubts related to the product. The contact info should be appended to the end of the release.

Aakash Shah


By NO to gay and lesbian marriage on June 1st, 2011 at 10:48 pm

what do you think about rob zombie and what his plans are for the new halloween movie? i dont like it!!!!?Rocker-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie is resurrecting Michael Myers, one of the big screen’s favorite horror villains.

Zombie will write and direct a new "Halloween" movie, serving up what is being called as a brand-new vision for the long-running horror series. He will also serve as a producer and a music supervisor on the film.

An October 2007 release is being planned. Disney’s Miramax Films will co-finance the development with former Miramax chiefs Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s Dimension Films.

The movie will not be a sequel or a straight-ahead remake of the 1978 original — which helped director John Carpenter cement his name in the horror business — but a reimagining that will infuse new blood into the Myers story.

"The look and the feel is going to be completely different," Zombie said in an interview. "’Halloween’ started off as a very terrifying concept, a terrifying movie. But over the years, Michael Myers has become a friendly Halloween mask. When it came to the point where you could buy a Michael Myers doll that was cute-looking and press its stomach and play the ‘Halloween’ theme, you knew the scare factor was gone.

"But I think the story and the situation is scary. All it needed was someone to come in and to take a totally different approach to make it scary again. To me, that’s the challenge and that’s the fun."

Needless to say, the movie will not pay heed to the numerous sequels. The last Halloween film, "Halloween: H20," came out in 1998.

"Everything that has come before does not figure into this one," Zombie said. "That series is done."

And while Zombie aims to keep the scares and the character more real, the mask will remain.

"That’s an iconic image that can’t go away," he said.

Zombie wrote and directed "House of 1000 Corpses" and last year’s "The Devil’s Rejects," which proved to be extremely profitable theatrically and on DVD. A lot of horror movies have been thrown his way, but he wanted to be choosy when it came to his third film.

Zombie is a fan of the original and said he sought Carpenter’s blessing.

"He said, ‘That’s awesome, go for it,"’ Zombie said. "He was very supportive, which I thought was very important. I feel like ‘Halloween’ is his baby, and I wanted to be very respectful."
its not his fild,as it is he stold the texas chainsaw massacre,twisted it and made it his own. i swear if he puts micheal in "space" like they did with jason i will kill him!! i like the fact and i have told him this on myspace that him makeing the movie is going to rock! it dose need more gore ect.. and hes the man that can get it done no doubt about that,but.. if they mess with micahels looks the movie will be a flop! and i hate that its not going to be following the past films… hmm he better do this film some justice. if not im going to be pist! im a huge halloween fan ! trust me i have known about this film since lasy summer and the closer it got to the press release the more him makeing the movie upset me. i say will see……..
ohh devilbuddha you should watch the original halloween its worth it! its very well made for its time and to think they only had a budget of three hundred thousand to begin with,wow thats very impressive to me.

Do you have a link in which we could view??References :

He is satan!References :

By devilbuddha on June 1st, 2011 at 10:54 pm

well, I don’t like that they’re trying to rehash old ideas and sell them to a new generation in a repackaged bundle of trite-ness, but H20 was horriblly cheesy
I’ve never seen the original but I’m sure rob’s version of it will be better, which is the whole point I guess. money money money.
I wish he’d make another trip-out movie like house of 1000 corpses, the devil’s rejects was too short for all the information it was trying to convey. it was dumb in the end, but essentially a good idea. I don’t mean the ending was dumb, I mean the finished product.References :

By usserydog on June 1st, 2011 at 10:56 pm

I do not like him as a filmmaker.References :

me alsoReferences :

Halloween is one of those films you just don’t touch. BUT, Rob Zombie is a huge fan of the classics and I believe he’ll approach this with alot of respect.References :

By r3d_yakuza on June 1st, 2011 at 11:02 pm

well, halloween 7 and 8 isn’t scary, but other halloween sequels is ROCK!!! I don’t like new director too, because the real taste will be gone, but if the real director doesn’t enough to get a scary point so I think we’ll give Rob Zombie a try. If he made it, you are happy, aren’t you??? ^_^References :


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