The Benefits of an Online Press Release

By admin1 • September 21st, 2011

There are many benefits when issuing an online press release. But first, you need to understand the similarities and differences between a traditional press release and an online press release.

A traditional press release is an article that helps promote your business, or your products and services. Since it’s a press release, the way that it is written must follow a strict format. There are several reasons as to why you must adhere to a strict format.

Traditional press releases are meant to be printed on paper. So a fixed format helps to ensure that printing proceeds smoothly. Also, in the world of traditional press releasing, press agents are often flooded with work. A properly formatted press release allows the press agents to “process” these release easily and decide whether to publish them or not.

A properly formatted press release usually contains a headline, the words “For Immediate Release”, the content, the company info, and the contact info. The release usually ends with the word “ENDS” or the symbols “###”. Sometimes, you may see the number of words, although this is optional.

This has been the format for traditional press releases. However, since the invention of the Internet, the media has been moving their activities online. More and more people are spending time in front of the computer instead of the television. As a strong contender for people’s attention, the media has little choice but to flow with the trends.

But the Internet is very different from the television in many aspects. There are no paper involved, as information is transmitted digitally. And unlike traditional TV, you can communicate with others easily over the Internet.

Many marketers looking to market their businesses online have been looking to issue press releases online. Online press releases have taken on similar formats as traditional press releases. However, the concept of distributing a press release is very different.

In the traditional sense, a press release is distributed to as many publishers as possible, in the hope that some publishers find the story interesting enough to publish it, thus giving free publicity to the Company.

However, on the Internet, it’s all about links. Of course, Internet marketers still expect publishers to pick up their story and publish on their websites. But they are doing this for links. Theoretically speaking, the more links they get, the more traffic they get.

In addition, search engines are going to stumble upon these links and visit their websites more often. In many cases, marketers have seen a rise in their search engine rankings, and that means even more traffic.

Traffic is everything on the Internet, and it’s just like oxygen. Without traffic, the website is dead. Nothing ever happens online without traffic. There are no enquiries, no sales, no registrations, etc. So to ensure that online businesses thrive, Internet marketers have been actively issuing press releases.

As you can see, press release is an effective way to market a website. When your story is published, you get to enjoy lots of attention from potential buyers, and that will eventually lead to a boost in profits.

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