Tips On Generating Publicity For Your Work At Home Business

By admin1 • March 30th, 2010

Publicity is a component of promotion, speaking from the marketing point of view the other components being advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling. Publicity is how you manage your product, service, or brand, vis-a-vis communication between your business and the public. Publicity is informative; where as the other components of marketing, such as advertising and sales promotion, are persuasive.

Home businesses, by their very nature are low profile, hidden behind your plain doors, with no lighting or signs to draw anyone’s attention to it. Being a small home venture, you obviously, do not have a large advertising budget, but you do need people to know about your business. You do need to tell them what you do. The question is: How to go about it?

Effectiveness Of Publicity

There is an old saying that any publicity good or bad is good publicity. This may be true in most cases, where bad publicity could result in increased sales and positive results. But not in the case of home businesses, where you work behind doors, on a suburban street or in a secluded neighborhood. Here, any kind of bad publicity will make your business go for a toss, not to mention dirty looks from your neighbors!

* Try For A Media Release – This is one sure shot way to get free publicity. You get a free profile of your business into a newspaper, even if it a local one. As a matter of fact, if your home business is catering to a particular locality, it is better if you aim to have profile done up in a local paper.

If you are in catering business, it will be fruitful to get your profile into a publication that deals in catering only. Get the editor’s name and contact details, and send your profile to him/her. Remember, your media release must not look like a thinly disguised form of free advertising. Editors have a nose to smell such things out. What will interest them is if your release has any news angle may be a new product, or a new service that is something of interest.

Your media release should have a short headline, interesting enough to grab the editor. Your copy must be clear and to the point, with short sentences, and no grammatical errors. Your contact details must be at the end of the copy. You may email your write up, not as an attachment, but in the body of the email. You can attach a couple of photographs, etc, to provide a link to them to your website if you have one.

* Other Ways – Other ways of generating free publicity could be writing articles for an appropriate local publication or even by having a regular guest column in it. This is another excellent way to profile your home business, with your contact details mentioned briefly at the end of the articles or the columns. Your articles need not be specific about your business, but could be general and informative on the subject. This is a great way to generate free publicity for your home business, and at the same time position yourself as an expert in the field.

If your business allows you to, you could sponsor local community events, or donate prizes in such events. If you happen to sponsor events, remember to invite the local press, and send them a press release. Such coverage is sure to generate free publicity for your home business.

Before you try all the above, you need to have a viable publicity plan in position, which is aimed at generating a favorable media response, providing your home business with free and adequate publicity.

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