4 Tips In Creating Your Marketing Plan For Your Website

By admin1 • November 24th, 2011

Your marketing plan will outline the important steps you must take to ensure your website receives the high flow of traffic necessary to be successful. Once you have a marketing plan, you can set your budget that you will need in order to advertise your website. This in turn will lead you to determine which tools you will need to generate traffic to your website.

These four tips in developing your marketing plan and consequently building traffic to your website are important to your online success.

1. As with any marketing plan you must establish what are your business objectives and targets. I would suggest that you establish, prior to creating your website, what your income level will be from your online business. This will therefore determine what volume of traffic you will need in order for you to make the necessary level of sales.

Your business objectives and targets will assist you in setting what level of promotion you will need to do to advertise your website and consequently drive traffic to it.

2. A vitally important step you must take is setting your advertising budget. There are numerous ways of driving traffic to your website and, while some are free, others are affordable and some can be expensive. When setting your advertising budget you need to take into consideration your anticipated income level and other expenditure costs. Remember, you are setting up an online business to make money therefore your total expenditure must be less than your income.

Once you have decided upon your advertising budget you can then make a decision regarding what tools you will use to drive traffic to your website.

3. Once you have taken that decision, then take action and make your investment in those tools. I would suggest the most important tool you cannot be without is an auto-responder system. This will capture your prospects name and email address. You will also have a number of emails ready to go out to your prospects at set intervals. In each of those emails you should include a link back to your website and invite your prospects to visit.

Don’t stop at this one tool although this is an important one your must have; ensure you invest in all the necessary tools to have on your website thereby ensuring an effective plan in traffic generation.

4. At the time of setting your advertising budget you should decide on what are your long term and short term advertising strategies.

One of the short term strategies, considered by many to be the most expensive although the success rate can be very good, is pay per click (PPC) advertising. This is an easy way to generate traffic and can bring you immediate results.

You will also need to have in place your long term strategies and these can often be the least expensive and, in many cases, free advertising.

Participating in forums, blogging and article marketing are the less costly ways of generating traffic to your website. Although they are long term strategies, once done they will stay on the Internet forever. This is certainly true of article marketing and which is a free and effective way of driving traffic to your website.

By following these four simple tips you will ensure that you have a marketing plan which is realistic in business objectives and targets, an advertising budget that reflects what tools you require to implement your traffic generation strategies and when you will carry out those strategies.

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By Aaron Hockey on November 24th, 2011 at 3:52 am

Starting a business vs. working for someone else?Hello. I just got my MBA from harvard business school, got my undergrad from Cornell, and have taken many business management courses. I currently have job offer at Boston Consulting Group as a consultant. I will be working in NYC, and I get to travel every week (I love business travel.). I would love to retire young and very rich. I would like to have my own family, a mansion, and a luxury apartment in NYC. So far, i would like my career to be as follows.

1. I would work as a consultant at BCG for 10 years. Each year, I would be making a six figure salary.

2. After ten years, I would still be with the company and hopefully be promoted to partner ( this company has great job growth rate).

3. I would stay and be partner for 5 years making 1 plus million dollars a year.

4. After five years as partner, I would take my skills I learned from BCG (management consulting, business management), and apply for a senior management position at a fortune 500 company specializing in media such as viacom international (MTV, vh1 , paramount pictures, etc.). After some time at the company, I would hopefully be promoted to an executive level and hopefully make multi millions a year, until I retire at around age 55.

I know these are big goals, but they are my goals.

Now for the question…..

I also have an entrepreneur spirit. I would like to start an online company. The company would be a consulting firm that consults clients regarding their websites, web companies, etc. I am great at determining what a website needs to do in order go achieve certain goals ( revenue growth, target market, marketing, turn over rates). Currently, not to many companies do this, and I would like to fill the gap. Or at least, I would like to create a site where users could post a snapshot of their website and post info on what they want to achieved from there sites. Then other users could review there sites, and give the user some tips. The user who gave the other user tips would receive points which could be redeemed for cash. However, I would make money by selling points to users to post there website on our site. If no one posted on someones site within a month, the user could get refunded or keep the points for later use.

Many people tell me that in order to get rich, you need to study hard, get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, and make your way up the corporate ladder. That is one of my options. And it is a proven way to become very rich. I have the grades, I have the great colleges on my resume, I have a six figure starting job already being offered to me, and I plan on climbing the corporate ladder and achieve wealth and knowledge a long the way.

Other people say you should quit your job, start a company, work your own hours, and make as much money as you want. However, starting your own business has huge risk, huge potential loss, and has huge start up costs. However if you do it correctly, you could make many millions.

What are your suggestions? Should I go for my career path as planned and climb the corporate ladder to riches, or should I start my own company with risk and hopefully get rich? Some of you might suggest to do the company on the side, however I don’t have time due to the many hours of working at an consulting firm. For some people who are making low income at their jobs, I can see and agree that they should quit and start their own business. But with me, with potential career posit s that could make me millions, I am not sure if I should stick with a job, or venture off into my own company?

I don’t know if you have considered God in your plans or not but you should not leave Him out. God has control over life and death. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart and you will prosper with His Guidance.References :

Wow, it was nice to read this. I’d say you do what’s best. Honestly, if I were in your shoes, I would start my own business. Seeing that your from Cornell and Harvard, you definitely have the potential. However, I think your making a mistake that most starting entrepreneurs make. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to make as much money off the bat. Although there are several cases where entrepreneurs become millionaires overnight, hardly is this ever the case. Entrepreneurs take risk but also work hard to make their business successful. I suggest you read You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson. Quite honestly, I’m in a similar situation. Right now, I’m "pursuing" a career in science. BTW, I’m only in high school. I thought I wanted to attend Cornell, but the truth is I don’t anymore. I realize that what I want to do more than ever is become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur does pose some challenges; it means you have to work hard. However, the freedom that comes with it is priceless. I wish you the best of luck in whatever path you choose to take, however, I honestly don’t think you can just plan out your roadmap right now and then. Usually if you love what you do, you end up deferring from what you had in mind. Good luck!References :

if u know what ur doing and have the right people around u, start ur own business
but if ur not secure than just work for someoneReferences :

Take a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1References :

It sounds like you’re considering two very different options. I would agree with the earlier comment that perhaps money shouldn’t be your primary goal at this point. If you’re going to spend decades on this path, think about what will give you the most satisfaction, however you define it, and also your tolerance for risk.

If you want to test the waters of helping people improve their websites without necessarily committing full-time, we would love to have more contributors in our "Review Websites" forum within the Intuit Community. Here’s the link: http://dld.bz/nZSN

Jay B. (Intuit)References :


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