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By admin1 • April 24th, 2011

Article marketing when done correctly is a powerful website promotion technique. It is hardly a secret that most well-informed marketers and webmasters use article marketing as one of the many traffic driving techniques. We will take a closer look at the world of article marketing and some tips that will supercharge our traffic and explode our sales.

People use article marketing to post their ideas, views, opinions and knowledge about their pet topics. Article submission directories offer interesting reads and are rich sources of information to readers. They are like online new stands where you can read and even download any article you like except that they are free at article directories. This is mutually beneficial. Readers get their information and sometimes are entertained by the interesting snippets and funny jargons and style of writing authors use. Authors get to tell stories to their readers. Getting targeted visitors to their websites is the main reason for article marketing. What are some handy tips we can use to multiply our efforts?

1. Keyword and Content Research

Many webmasters and internet marketers fail to do a proper keyword and content research. There are many benefits in conducting these researches. They tell you what the market is searching for so that you can correctly target the right market. It is time and effort well-spent. You will also find that a targeted article will attract quality, buying traffic to your website and not just curious readers. So hang out at the forums and blogs to read what people are saying and looking for.

2. Hire a Ghost Writer

It is best if you can write your own content. However, if you are one of those who hate writing, do not let that stop you from using article marketing as a traffic generation tool. You can always hire a ghost writer to write for you. There are several places where you can get a decent writer at affordable rates such as Scriptlance, Elance, The Phantom Writers, Rentacoder and Killer Content. But make sure you ask for a sample article to check the quality. You may also head to Copyscape and do a quick verification if there is any plagiarism.

3. Private Label Rights Articles

There is such a wonderful source of content called private label rights articles. Most come in monthly packages from membership sites or can be bought one-off. Many people make the mistake of using them in their original unedited format in article marketing. Guess what? The search engines quickly size them up as duplicate content. So remember to modify them.

4. Submit To Multiple Distribution Channels

Submitting manually to hundreds of article directories and other distribution channels would take you ages. There are many paid article submission services that will post your article to article directories, newsletters and Ezines. Some examples are iSnare, Article Marketer and EzineTrendz. Depending on your budget size and desired profit margin, you can choose one that fits the bill.

Article marketing like any other marketing techniques is a numbers game. The more you expose your article, the more traffic you will enjoy. Read up more on marketing with articles at my blog and find out which article submission software have been helping internet marketers and webmasters see a sustainable hike in their web traffic and income.

This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

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