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By admin1 • April 29th, 2010

The success of small and independent businesses depends completely on a steady stream of customers and clients paying for that business’s services.  This is especially important for the independent business owner whose budget and resources are limited, whose staff is small and the owners who do not have a corporate brand or marketing budget to rely upon for customer recognition.  To compete in today’s saturated heating and plumbing market, small business owners need their marketing efforts to reach as many eyes as possible.  This can be difficult to accomplish on a small budget.

These are five useful tips that should help the small and independent business owners stay competitive in the UK plumbing and heating market.

1.  Realize that marketing is a marathon and not a sprint.  Marketing is not meant to be a quick fix.  Real sales marketing takes commitment and patience.  Business owners need to make sure that their company’s marketing message is obvious in everything that is related to your business (employee uniforms, stationery, logo painted on the company car, business cards, etc).  The more visible a company’s marketing, the more customers it will attract.

2.  The customer’s happiness is a business owner’s first priority.  When the customer is happy he or she is more likely to recommend a company to friends and family members in need of that company’s services.  “Word of mouth” press is a valuable business asset, especially for independent business owners.  Do more than your customers expect or hope for to keep them happy!

3.  Avoid raising prices and stick to the price you have quoted to your customers at all costs.  Unexpected charges will send a customer running to your competitor.  Any extra charges need to be discussed with the customer as soon as the business owner recognizes a need for but before action is taken on them.  Let the customer decide if their budget fits the project.

4.  Small business owners need to pay attention to referral sources.  Keep a tally of where most referrals are coming from: word of mouth, advertising, passing by, phone book entry, etc.  This allows business owners to allocate advertising funds correctly and helps them avoid spending money on a marketing tactic that might not be profitable.

5.  Build a website for the business.  Most plumbing and heating professionals are not aware of how beneficial a website can be to an independent business owner.  The site does not need to be fancy.  A simple (but good looking) list of services, prices and contact information should be all that is needed to put a small heating and plumbing business on the world wide web. 

These are some simple marketing ideas that all small business owners can put into practice today, to help them in the short run in a difficult economic climate as well as the long run in any climate.

Tal Potishman


Do you support H.R.-3131 to abolish fines for not answering unnecessary census questions beyond basics?H.R.-3131 would abolish penalties for failing to answer questions in the census beyond those required by the constitution, i.e. name, contact info, and how many people reside at the same address.

This year the census questionaire contains such intrusive requests for information as:

Race of residents,

Hispanic Origin of residents,

Type of home construction,

Age of home,

Land area of lot home is built on,

Sales figures for agricultural products produced on the property,

Type of plumbing in the home,

Number of cars, vans and trucks kept at the home,

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I know there are a lot of important bills to fight right now, and this one is more a matter of principle, but if you agree with it, will you write your rep to support it?
Wendy, without a warrant why do they have a right to my personal info? It would be ‘by name’ on the census form, wouldn’t it? It is intrusive and I don’t care what ‘good ideas’ they might have to use the info, I’m sure those ideas would be intrusive as well. I don’t follow M. Bachman per se, but Ron Paul is a cosponsor, as well, and I simply like it. I was planning on paying the $100 fine, but I like this better.
And traffic signals are by LOCAL government, where Constitutionally unenumerated regulation belongs.

yes and done.References :

I’ll fire off an email to my congressman. He’s an ultra liberal though so I don’t expect much.References :

Yeah, they sent me one of those. I threw it away.

Any fines will simply be ignored in the same manner.

I DARE them to send someone after me over my refusal to waive my 4th and 5th for the census! LOL

I support the bill, but to be honest with you, I’m at the point where I’m just ignoring bad laws. Congress can do whatever the hell it wants. I give up.

If our government no longer follows its own laws, then why should I?

If we all just refuse to be cowed by their intimidation and BS tactics, look, everyone knows they don’t have the resources to enforce it.

Why not start calling their bluff? This goes for much more than just the recent unconstitutional actions of the census bureau.

Refuse to acknowledge illegal laws!!!References :

No surprise… Michelle Bachmann is 2nd on the co sponsor list.

Bachmann fails to understand a lot of things.. including the authority of federal agencies to implement policy or law.
The concept of abolishing the above info is completely faulty. Not only are the statistics completely of value for many reasons..
Bachmann does not seem to comprehend that the answers and data ARE NOT LINKED TO ANYONE BY NAME.
If the govt needs to use the idea that the state of Georgia has 500 houses and 10 garages.. that isn’t (as many would like to exaggerate) any invasion of privacy. The list does not target those 10 garage owners, and does not know who they even are.
Sorry. The entire bill is completely useless and reactionary.
Bachmann and her groupies want to eliminate "any law that isn’t in the constitution". Traffic signals are not in the Constitution.. does that make them useless or unConstitutional?
Look beneath the rhetoric.References :

If they get this done then next year it will be what is your ss number and credit card numbers and ob will go spend crazy. At this point i agree, but not sure if it would be more fun to see Prof Gates have a fit and the police show up while he is "your mommaing" the census person. Ha. ha. Also you could give them false info..

Yea I will support it as it is no right, sorta like the cap and tarade and the health care plan and most of this stuff. Later.References :

By Boomer Wisdom on April 29th, 2010 at 4:17 am

I’m into genealogy so I really appreciate a good census.

I even appreciate politically hot questions that were asked in the past such as:

Do you have a radio set? (1930 census.)

How many children have been given birth, and how many are still living? (1890, 1900, 1910.) Kinda important.

However, I don’t expect the ACORN folks to count me or my family, and these questions are obviously getting Big-Brother in nature, so I think future genealogists will not look kindly upon this interference with proper record collection methodology.

The Constitutional purpose of the census is to determine the allocation of elected representatives; I don’t like having the job so soundly sequestered in the White House.

This flies in the face of Balance of Power and is just damn near spooky.References :

By andypanda on April 29th, 2010 at 4:19 am

I did not answer it last time, and I will do the same this time, they tried to intimidate me last time, I think it was in the 80’s and I told them to stuff it!!! and the census taker said I would get in trouble with the IRS, I told them good, I will wait to hear form them!! Yes I would want them to get rid of it now!! way to much money going out to census taker etc. In calif we are going broke, do they want, wait yes they do, they want the country to go broke, the only reason they do this is for these folks who get entitlements. that’s all it is! As an American taxpayer, I am tired of the BS!!! I see a lot of your answers, like Wendy are, brainwashed in their thinking. very sad indeed…………….References : All the questions, is this like an application form for working for the federal govt?????? LOL


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