Marketing and Sales Tips – Who Needs Them?

By admin1 • June 12th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Web Statistics — Are they for geeks only? Nope, they are essential if you are going to market your product successfully.

Which ones are important? Well, at the very minimum if you are using Pay Per Click, you’d want to know your CTR (click thru percentage) and you’d want to know which keywords actually converted into leads and sales.

You might find when analyzing your results, that you got a ton of traffic on a particular word and find out that word just doesn’t convert for you.

Another stat — conversions. This will tell you for the traffic sent to your site or page, how many people actually did something, like fill in a lead or buy. Be careful to add in all the calls that came from the website to this number or you will have a false picture.

Now, you’re going to have to be honest with yourself on this one. If you get a lot of traffic and it isn’t converting, your website or landing page is in need of some reworking and optimization.

Many people take their web presence personally. You shouldn’t. The only time I’ve gotten in trouble with clients is when I went with how they “felt” about a web page. The effectiveness of the website is all that counts. I’ve been surprised on how many ugly sites convert. I’m not saying you have to have an ugly site, but what I am saying, is your prospective customers behavior is the only measure of if it’s good or not.

Here are some resources to gather stats. Google Analytics is free. Some people don’t like Google having so much personal and business information on us and refuse to use it.

We use Hitslink. I think you get a free trial if you use that link. You should also check with your webmaster who can tell you if you have any analytics installed for your website.

Please feel free to contact me if we can be of any help!

Till next week.


Laura Betterly
Yada Yada Marketing
Phone: 727-442-5888

Here’s another recommendation:

I had the pleasure to first meet Laura while I was at Live365 while she was running PC DJ. I loved the software and thought she did a great job getting the message out about the product and company. After she left PC DJ, Laura took her marketing skills and put them to use starting her own operations. She has a solid grasp of the Internet, how to reach an audience and is never afraid to try something new. She is a solid marketer and a wonderful person to have in your corner – especially when you need results oriented marketing.
A. W.

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