Are Online Press Releases Underused In Traffic Building

By admin1 • August 27th, 2010

Publicity will bring a targeted web site traffic or even more, a personal traffic if you have written your online press releases by yourself. So it is not only targeted, it is personal. Nobody can copy your own writing style. It is a part of your brand, a unique touch.

Online press releases have been underused but very obviously their popularity as an internet marketing tool is increasing. Basically they are like articles but are submitted to different target group, which means that you can use online press releases as an additional tool to build targeted web site traffic.By using different keyphrases it is possible to widen your internet market strongly.

The best feature of press releases is that they are the only way in the marketing communication by which you can build trust. People do not see them as advertisements but rather like newspaper articles. So if they are interested about your message, they will believe that. The credibility of press releases is high, which means warm visitors to your site.

When you plan your writing, you can take as a target to go over the publicity barrier of the media.
It is possible but requires a certain touch. Then you have to think like a journalist. What the journalists hunt all the time. News, scandals and otherwise creative articles. So write your press release like that and offer that to several medias. Some will pick it, believe me. And when this happens, you have just won the bublicity game. Tons of free advertisement.

A well written online press release can dramatically increase the amount of targeted web site traffic and sales. And at the same time it will build the credibilty and brand awareness of your web site. The writing of online press release requires maybe more work but is absolutely worth that.

The most important thing is that the press release do not look like an ad. It is not allowed to sell any product. It uses another approach. It will tell the reader a story of the product benefits in a so emotional way that the reader will soon ask, wherefrom he can get the product.

If the writing is well done, there is always a possibilty that the press release goes to thousands of web sites and, if it will become appreciated, it will bring targeted web site traffic during many years. If you succeed in this, it will mean free and constant traffic and brand building. Not bad!

Online Press Release Submitters.

It is important that you concentrate into writing of quality online press releases but as important is to submit those into thousands of web sites with a click of a mouse. I personally prefer automation in all internet marketing and will cladly buy effective tools to help me.

When you start to think what kind of a software is good for you, make a list of the requirements you need. Think simply. Why do you need a submitter? Okay, for backlink building, traffic building and to improve your search engine ranking to get even more targeted web site traffic. That is your need.

By online press releases you can build thousands of backlinks and a strong credibility among your taget audience.

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