Get Free Traffic From Press Releases

By admin1 • April 29th, 2010

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Get Free Traffic From Press Releases

Press Releases have continued to be an important tool for businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and social activist groups across the web. Few pre-internet communication forms have translated so easily to web publications. It is easy to add a press release to your web site or blog. You can even post them in forums across the web to drum up discussion on the topic. A press release should announce something of value, be it an event, a new release, a change, a promotion, or whatever it is, you should be sure it is well written, interesting, and reaches your target audience.

The goal of the press release is typically publicity.

The strange thing about press releases is that few people actually release them to the press. In cases of large corporations, governmental agencies, or large NGO’s there is generally little coverage of the press releases in main stream media. For your press release to be effective, you should make sure you send it to the appropriate newspaper reporters, editors, magazine reporters, bloggers, and other writers for publication with widespread audience. This could mean finding the email of the small business editor of your local newspaper, or of all newspaper reporters covering this beat in the country. It mostly depends on your client, or if you are doing it yourself, your audience. However, if you fail to submit the press release to the various people that cover this news, it will be just another post on the internet. It is doubtful those same reporters will seek out your press release unbidden.

If you are working regularly with press releases, it will them be necessary to create custom mailing lists for their distribution. If you have multiple clients, some of the contacts may overlap, but many will be distinct only to the individual campaign involved. So you will have to create a custom list of reporters, editors, web masters, and bloggers before you send out the press release, otherwise you will have to do it from scratch every time. If you build these mailing lists while browsing the web and doing other work, over time you can create lists of hundreds of good sources who work in the field and can republish the details of your press release in their newspaper, magazine, or blogs.

If you are really seeking publicity for a client or web site, you can also submit your press releases to TV news outlets and look to promote a reference in a specialized report, or market analysis. This usually works well for new gadgets and software releases, but it depends on the weight of the information and product involved. Another way is to have your press release read, video taped, and then posted to a video hosting site such as YouTube or others. The budget of the account involved will determine whether it is a highly produced script or a guerilla marketing campaign. These are just some of the things to consider when writing a press release, most important to remember is networking. (small contribution) - (small contribution) -

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Orange County will approve online traffic school?Hi guys, i just saw this news from this website

it says DMV in orange county will accept online traffic school on July.
now my question is, will orange county court also accept the online traffic school if DMV accept it? does this mean we will be available to take traffic school online and clear our points even we are O.C resident?

I found this for you.

"On or after August 1, 2009, please contact California Traffic Safety Institute (CTSI) at (661) 940-1907 to request or select from a list of DMV approved classroom or court approved home study online traffic school programs."

Los Angeles County has had online traffic school for years. I can’t believe it’s taken Orange County this long to approve it. But make sure it’s a court and DMV approved school. They’re not all acceptable. The link you posted is an advertisement and may or may not qualify.References :


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