Why Press Releases are Crucial to the Success of Your Home Business

By admin1 • February 23rd, 2011

Although there are many ways that you can promote your home business, publishing a press release is still a very effective way to make your business news known. This tried and proven method will still effectively bring your business promotion to the attention of the media – and bring the results you want – customers. Here are some tips to help you know why this method still works.

Editors Want Press Releases with Real News

Press releases work because editors are always hungry to find some tidbit of news that people want. It makes a story for them. If you can win his or her attention with your home business news, an event or a promotion, you will have the media attention you want. An editor, however, will only take a few seconds to look over your press release and decide whether it is newsworthy or not. For this reason, only a press release with a good news angle will catch his or her attention.

This hunger for news makes it extremely important that you have some news as the main feature of your press release – if you want the major media groups to pick up the story. Although there are Web sites that will take any press release, it will take one that is written from a newsworthy angle to give you the widespread circulation you want. This includes things like news of your business, new product news, special awards received, new employees, promotions, milestones achieved, and more.

Good Press Releases Multiply

Many different groups of media pay close attention to press releases – on a daily basis. If a larger media group picks up and publishes your top notch press release, then other groups may also pick it up, rewrite it, and publish it as well – giving you even further free exposure. This, of course, is what you want. Whereas you may have paid for one good press release – now you get that potential multiplied.

A quality press release can also save you a whole lot of money in advertising costs for your home business. Larger marketing campaigns can cost many thousands of dollars if you buy multiple newspaper ad space, or TV and radio time. Letting the various media agencies, papers and electronic media rush to carry your news story is worth the little bit of money a press release will cost you. It is also possible that your outreach will be greater, too.

Online Press Releases Have Added Benefits

An online press release may even provide you with some additional benefits. First, it will provide you with at least one inbound link to your Web site. Other media sources could pick it up and republish it – if it is a good story. This means you soon could have many inbound links – just from one press release. Secondly, some Web sites keep press releases archived – which means your inbound links and popularity could increase very quickly wit regular press releases.

Helps Build Your Brand

Press releases are also a great way to build you home business’ brand. By using press releases on a regular basis – possibly one a month, soon the media and the public begin to recognize your brand – which means more business for you. Well-written press releases that grab the attention of the media can quickly help you get the brand recognition you want.

Press Releases Prove You Are a Growing Business

Besides just the branding that regular press releases gain for you, there are also other related home business benefits, too. It is important to show to your customers and business associates that your home business is on the move. Your company is growing, making news, and is always pushing forward. These things give your clients confidence in your company’s stability and future – making them even more willing to do business with you.

Finding a good press release company is just as important as the quality of it. Some shortcuts may be taken by some of these companies, which means your news may not go out at all. Select them carefully. Be sure to write your press release with a specific audience in mind, and make sure that the press release submitter sends it to media outlets that are interested in your particular news or product. If you have a Web site (which your home business should have), you also may want to keep an ongoing blog or Web page that shows recent press releases.


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